National Museum of the American Coverlet
322 S. Juliana St
Bedford, PA 15522



The National Museum of the American Coverlet, in association with Windham Fabrics, proudly offers cotton and canvas fabrics using pattern motifs taken from coverlets in the Museum collection.

The material is sold by the yard and in kits, containing both patterns and materials.

Coverlet Collection cottons and Thompsonville Canvas are available at the Museum shop in Bedford, Pennsylvania,as well as fine quilt shops around the country.

COVERLET COLLECTION III: THE FARMER FANCY: The name of this exciting Windham line is taken directly from a Midwestern coverlet, made around 1840, bearing the inscription THE FARMER FANCY.  Its centerfield depicts a charming, folky farming scene, and details from this coverlet will be reflected in the fabrics. Harry Tyler’s famous trademark lion appears in several of the new prints, while others focus on details from some of his centerfield patterns.
Project instructions are still available for this Collection.

COVERLET COLLECTION II: Designs used in coverlets woven in approximately 1830 to 1850. This exciting concept in printed cotton fabrics makes use of the glorious and graphic designs used in 19th century woven bedcovers. The cotton reproductions highlight the coverlets’ strong visual texture and uniquely American design, taking them to a new level. The result is an extensive array of beautiful, fine cotton textiles, available now.

Created by the same 19th century weavers who made coverlets, the original woolen carpeting was woven in strips or panels about 36 inches wide. The strips were then sewn together by hand to create the original wall-to-wall floorcovering. Invented in Scotland, the carpeting was first made in the United States in Thompsonville, Connecticut in 1833. Why is it called ingrain? Perhaps because the yarns were dyed before the weaving process rather than afterwards and considered to result in a superior end product.

MORE PRINTS BY WINDHAM: Selected to coordinate with Coverlet Collection prints; they fill in the color wheel with rich ochres, pinks, reds, greens, blues and tans.


The Museum Shop, located in the Coverlet Museum building at 322 South Juliana Street, Bedford, PA, offers a growing selection of items including reference materials, mugs with the Museum logo, woven textiles based on old coverlet patterns, and more.

Proceeds from sales go to support The National Museum of the American Coverlet.