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Life in the Time of Coverlets

We talk often about the fact that coverlets were not created in a vacuum. Rather, they were produced against a background setting of daily life, events, activities and developments, major and minor.

Time of Coverlets This exhibition focuses on dated coverlets, displayed in chronological order, and accompanied by a short list of events that took place in the country that year. The idea was to paint a mental picture, a context, of life and times during the coverlet years.

To make it more interesting (and less predictable), the coverlets were selected first for their visual contribution to the display, not the relative significance of the dates, and we chose not to include a few coverlets that bear important dates but may already have been displayed recently.

For consistency and readability, each list is limited to three events, all of which took place in this country. Some have major significance, while others, perhaps not so much; but it can be a study in itself to see how disparate some of these events are. In total, we wanted this to be an interesting tour, including some lesser-known developments with a handful of downright entertaining ones sprinkled in. A few of them are quite eye-opening. We'll leave it up to you to decide which are which!

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