National Museum of the American Coverlet
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Why a Coverlet Museum?


We are here to share our passion for coverlets. Although there are coverlets in the collections of major institutions throughout America , and their importance in the spectrum of American material culture has been fully acknowledged, there is precious little attention paid to them because even the best general interest museums are often frustratingly overextended by their own diversity. As a result, many fine coverlets spend their useful lives in storage, never seeing the light of day or getting the proper respect or attention from personnel who are knowledgeable specifically about coverlets.

The National Museum of the American Coverlet recognizes the need for a full-time, independent institution devoted solely to the woven coverlet and its history, art and craft. This organization is dedicated to bringing coverlets into the light and exposing the public to their colorful textural beauty.

The Museum seeks to enhance public interest, appreciation and understanding of coverlets by placing them in the context of events and developments of their day, by celebrating the humanity of their weavers, and by illustrating and demonstrating the methods of their production through a variety of educational methods and programs.

In this way, we hope to enrich people’s lives and expand their historical perspectives, while preserving and protecting the coverlets themselves for generations to come.